HiVE Programs

At HiVE, we provide our members and partners with the tools and support they need to amplify their social impact, while also building the capacity of the sector as a whole. We strive to keep our community diverse and accessible to all. We’re currently able to deliver on these values through a number of programs we run.

HiVE Vancouver |Desk Bee Exchange
HiVE Vancouver |Community Partnership

Our Programs

Amplify your impact!

Desk Bee Program: A barter program that gives an opportunity to trade your time for membership to our social impact community! Read More

Community Partnership: HiVE partners with a number of small nonprofit organizations, because we know that we’re better together. Read More

Support a Program: We’re always looking for partners who want to work with us to connect, empower and accelerate social impact. If  you have something in mind that you’d like to develop, shoot us an e-mail at