Social Impact Learning and Support Group

A monthly gathering where we share food, learning and support for social impact.


We know change isn’t always easy, fast or simple. That’s why we’re here for each other.

Come develop skills and connections for social impact. Leave with tools, inspiration and new friendships for more effective work and a more balanced life.

Since 2015, participants of our open community have supported each other’s pursuit of social impact. Together, we have celebrated exciting career opportunities, new friendships, practical help for local projects, as well as inspiration during personal and professional transitions.

We come from diverse backgrounds ranging from sustainability to social development, entrepreneurship, health, fashion, technology, and more. We are united by a desire to connect authentically and to support each other by sharing knowledge, skills and resources.

What to Expect:

Potluck: Thanks to everyone’s participation, we always have a delicious, co-created meal!

Group Dialogue: Each month a community member kickstarts a group dialogue by sharing a personal story or skill in the realm of social impact. Past topics have included risk-taking, networking from the heart, finding meaningful work, imposter syndrome, self care, graphic facilitation, and others.

Ask/Offer Circle: Participants take turns to make an ask and/or offer. It’s always amazing to see what we can make happen as a group!

Join us on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Got questions? Contact Crystal at

Crystal Lee

Crystal Lee

Facilitator in Residence

Crystal Lee is a professional coach, facilitator, and entrepreneur with a passion for social innovation. She loves to provide experiences that help people shift perspective and catalyze action. Sometimes, that means bringing laughter yoga into workplaces to promote wellness and teamwork. Other times, it means coaching changemakers to go and keep going towards their dreams. The common thread is to empower people with joy, purpose, and resilience. Before becoming a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Crystal received a Master of Public Health degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Connect with Crystal at