Green Building Brain

The HiVE is a 9,000-square-foot collaborative coworking and event space focusing on sustainability and creativity, located in Vancouver’s historic Gastown area. The space occupies the 2nd floor of two interconnected heritage buildings and was retrofitted to provide a comfortable and healthy open-concept work environment featuring brick walls, high ceilings and large windows.

HiVE Vancouver Society

Founded in 2009, the HiVE began as a shared vision initiated by Recollective Principal Eesmyal Santos-Brault and SSG Director Jeremy Murphy.

Coworking: Without community it’s just working

“In a panel of coworking space operators, Melissa Hope from HiVE Vancouver spoke about the specialization of shared workspaces. She gave examples of workplaces focused on architecture or female-focused. While trying to cater to everyone is never a good business plan, the diversity of options means there is something for everyone.”

Coworking: Without community it’s just working