Gen Why Media RE:THINK Housing Competition at the HIVE


Great story on an event at the HiVE by Vancouver is Awesome. Not sure why Gregor has two pairs of glasses…

A HiVE of Activity

Great writeup on the HiVE in Click the image for the full story.

HiVE of activity


Member Spotlight: HiVE Shared Workspace

“The HiVE, as it was eventually named, is an exciting new venture built on aspirations for a more just, connected, sustainable world. Born of the realization that the challenges of our times are not being addressed by the prevailing model that siloes professionals and industries, the HiVE brings change-minded individuals, small organizations and companies together under one roof to collaborate in evolving the big ideas of tomorrow into actions that address societal issues in meaningful, creative ways.”

Member Spotlight: HiVE Shared Workspace