COVID-19 Safety Plan

Last updated: January 20, 2022

We have updated our COVID-19 health and safety plan to reflect the current PHO guidelines and restrictions, as well as leading practice from WorkSafe BC and BC Centre for Disease Control.

Actions We are Taking:

Proof of vaccination (2 doses) is required for anyone, medically able, using the HiVE. The requirement applies to all people born in 2009 or earlier (12+).

Masks are mandatory in all workspace common areas, as per the advice of Dr. Bonnie Henry. Please ensure you are wearing a mask whenever you step away from your workstation.

Keeping up to date on PHO guidelines and restrictions by postponing regular HiVE gatherings such as Thirsty Thursdays, Music Jam Nights, and Member Movie Nights.

Leading Practice:

  • Please continue to follow provincial health advice as per BC’s Restart Plan and BC Centre for Disease Control
  • Employers are asked develop Safety Plans for your staff per WorkSafe BC
  • Do not enter the HiVE if you feel unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms. We advise you to conduct a COVID-19 self-assessment and follow the guidance before returning.
  • Before returning, acknowledge that you have read this COVID-19 Safety Plan in full and commit to doing your part to keep the HiVE safe!

What’s Expected Of You:

  1. Share the responsibility of keeping the space clean and safe for everyone:
    • Disinfectant spray, paper towels are provided throughout the space
    • Wash your hands before and after using high-touch surfaces
  2. Be mindful of your fellow HiVE colleague’s comfort levels and susceptibility to health risks and do your best to care for your peers and make each other feel safe:
    • Wear a mask in common areas: entrance way, kitchen, lounges. You are required to wear a mask whenever you leave your desk space.
    • Be mindful of your movement in the space.

Safety Protocols Implemented at the HiVE:

  • Cleaning is conducted Monday – Friday between 3pm and 8pm
  • Deep clean (M, W, F) includes: bathrooms, kitchens, cleaning out fridge weekly (on Friday), sweeping, vacuuming and washing all floors accordingly, entry windows, all door knobs, handles, entry stairs, handrails, wiping down desks (all hot desks + permanent desks that are not being used) and conference rooms, wiping down reception area, wiping down couches and chairs.
  • Regular clean (T, Th) includes: kitchens and bathrooms, entry stairs and handrails, entry doors, wiping down reception area, wiping down desks (all hot desks + permanent desks that are not being used).
  • Hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, paper towels throughout the space:
    • Meeting rooms
    • Front Desk
    • Hot Desk Areas
    • Kitchen
  • More signs around the HiVE (i.e. mask requirements, proof of vaccination, etc.)
Traffic flow
  • One-way directional movement where possible, follow the signs
  • 2m social distancing signs throughout 
  • Maximum 1 person on the orange ramp (HiVE East) at one time
  • Maximum 2 people in the HiVE East corridor (bike racks, meeting rooms, bathroom) at one time
  • Maximum 2 people in the HiVE West corridor (private offices, Executive meeting room) at one time
  • If you are not able to maintain physical distance, please consider wearing a mask in common areas or waiting for the common area to free up before entering.
Member access
  • All members must sign in using the HiVE app each time they use the space. This includes permanent desk members and HiVE Unlimited Hot Desk members
  • Members with fobs: 24/7 access
  • Members without fobs: M-F (9am-5pm) access by buzzing #210
Guest Access
  • All guests must check in with the Desk Bee and show proof of vaccination. If you are expecting visitors, please inform them of the HiVE’s Vaccination Policy and remind them to bring their proof of vaccination when they come to the HiVE.
  • Visitors interested in viewing the space must book in advance.
Staffing & Reception
  • Plexiglass at the Front Desk
  • Executive Director and/or Desk Bee on-site Mon-Fri (9am-5pm) to answer questions and receive mail packages.
Hot Desks
  • Hot desk members must book their desk in the HiVE app in advance.
  • Due to the low numbers of members physically in the space, we have not rearranged the desks at this time. Certain hot desks are sectioned off to encourage physical distancing. Please sit in the hot desks that are diagonal to each other.
  • Use of desks is not permitted without an active desk membership or day pass.
  • Permanent desk members can contact us if they would like desk rearrangement to support their team’s physical distancing measures
Meeting Rooms
  • Meeting rooms must be booked in advance in the HiVE app
  • Members must use the provided disinfectant and paper towel to clean surfaces in meeting rooms after each use.
  • Disinfectant spray, paper towels, hand sanitizer in each room
  • Please wash and take dishes back to your desk, or dispose of your dishes on your own. Do not leave dishes in the sink or kitchen area.
  • Microwave, fridge, sink, and coffee machine are available for use. Follow kitchen guidelines posted on signage. Members are expected to wipe down equipment after use.
  • Disinfectant spray, paper towels, provided for using microwave, fridge, coffee machine before and after use.
Common Areas/Lounges
  • Lounges (HiVE East near printer, HiVE West sofa) marked to identify safe distancing. Members are expected to wipe down furniture after touching.
Phone booths
  • Disinfectant is provided. Please wipe down all door handles and surfaces before and after use. 
  • Our HVAC system is running at all times and maintained. Current evidence indicates that working ventilation systems are unlikely to contribute to the spread of COVID-19, learn more from WorkSafe BC and BCCDC.
  • Practice social distancing when using the stairwell
  • All washrooms including multi-stall are now maximum capacity of 1 person at one time
  • Practice physical distancing when queuing. For bathrooms in the stairwell area outside HiVE East, please queue outside in the stairwell area, not inside the enclosed corridor
  • Hand dryers are closed, use paper towels provided
  • At this time, there is no evidence that pets pose a transmission risk
  • Out of an abundance of caution, please keep your pet close-by and within 2 metres of others if bringing a pet into the space. Limit contact between pets and people who feel unwell.

What Happens If We Have A Positive Case At The HiVE?

  • Please contact the Executive Director at anna[at] so we can reach out to the community and alert people who were in the space. We will respect your privacy. 
  • The HiVE will:
    • Engage Public Health protocols
    • Contact individuals that might have been exposed – members and visitors
    • Do a deep clean and sanitization of the space