Meet our new General Manager: Kurtis Stewart

The HiVE is thrilled to introduce its new General Manager, Kurtis Stewart, to the community! Well, okay, that’s only half true. While Kurtis is stepping into this new role, he’s actually been contributing his talents to the HiVE for quite some time.

Kurtis Stewart - HiVE General Manager

Want to get introduced to Kurtis, and know what he said to our burning questions? Read on…

1. How would you introduce yourself in one sentence?

I’m a tall, systematic, loud guy.

2. How long have you been a member at the HiVE and why did you decide to join this coworking space?

I’ve been involved with the HiVE for the last couple of years, initially as Camptech’s City Manager and then as a “barter bee” for sitting on the Space Committee and being the work party handyman.

While I didn’t really join, so much as got hired by a company that had a membership, I stayed on as a HiVE volunteer because of question #4 below.

3. Tell us a bit about the work you’ve been doing? what do you enjoy about it?

I’m an insatiable fixer. First, I helped people with their image problems through photography but that quickly expanded into teaching, project management, websites, videos, and copywriting. I love that with each project I take on I need to learn something new.

4. What made you want to take on the role of General Manager at the HiVE?

Of all the coworking spaces, the HiVE feels the most like home to me. The General Manager role provides me the opportunity to use all the skills I’ve accumulated over the years in one job (customer service, project management, facility bookings, copywriting, creative direction and more!).

5. What are your goals for The HiVE as the new General Manager?

I want the HiVE to get a bigger piece of the Vancouver coworking pie. We’re the longest-standing coworking space and we have all the ingredients we need to flourish.

6. Now Winter is coming… How will you be spending your free time for the rest of the summer?

With the last few weeks of August I’ll be going on a camping trip, photographing a wedding in Rossland, and finally, some teaching prep for my fall photography classes.

Curious to learn more about Kurtis? Hop on over to his website and socials to connect!:



LinkedIn: Kurtis Stewart

New HiVE Team

We hope you had an amazing summer and that you’re all pumped for one heck of a busy autumn season!  We have some pretty big news as we’d like to introduce you to a super brand new HiVE Administrative Team:

Melissa Hope, General Manager

Melissa has worked for small organic food businesses for the past thirteen years. Besides a BA in political science, she is also a certified Pound Fit instructor and has both a ham radio license and a novice paragliding license. She actually learned to fly before she got her driver’s license, which she finally got this year at the age of 35.

When not in the air or in the gym, Melissa volunteers for a community non-profit society in various capacities and she works on digitizing public domain books to preserve Canadian culture and make it more accessible. She also enjoys weaving, reading, and walking (even in the rain).

Melissa is looking forward to travelling more, especially within Canada. One of her next goals is to paraglide under the midnight sun on the summer solstice in Dawson City, Yukon. She is also excited to start promoting coworking along with other cooperative values: local businesses, car sharing, and creative commons.

Maya Goodwill, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Maya is passionate about using her marketing and business skills to affect positive social change – that’s what first attracted her to the complex world of social entrepreneurship. Not content with “business as usual”, she has set out to dedicate her to career to support, connect, and build the infrastructure for those who are working to change the world for the better. She has spent time studying and working in Montreal, Barcelona, Toronto, but has a special place in her heart for her hometown – Vancouver.

Maya holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and International Business from McGill University and her past experience ranges from working at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto, Marketing and Communications work with Tides Canada, and starting #hatch Vancouver; an event where social entrepreneurs can share ideas and get feedback. She’s also been channeling her organizational tendencies into planning events of all kinds for the past decade.

Maya is in her happy place when found dancing (in the “alone in your room” style), learning about and sharing new ideas, and has a bad case of the travel bug. She also loves vegetable gardens, maps and laughing, in no particular order.


Finally, we would also like to say thank you and wish the best of luck to Margarete Hernandez, who is leaving her post as HiVE General Manager this month. Marg has been with the HiVE for three years (from intern to General Manager!) and the HiVE is eternally grateful for everything she has done to help it grow as a community. You may connect with her via LinkedIn or email as she moves on to focus on other creative and community building endeavours.

Barter opportunity: Give us your time, we’ll give you a desk


Are you a student, writer, new freelancer? Are you interested in a barter opportunity that will give you an amazing opportunity to work in Vancouver’s coolest co-working space and to network with over 90 businesses and non-profits working in social and environmental sustainability? If yes, we have an amazing opportunity for you.

The HiVE Vancouver ( is launching a barter exchange program where in exchange for 2x 4.5 hour shifts per week as a greeter in our co-working space, we’ll give you a HiVE Unlimited package (24/7 access to the space – worth $350/month) and we’ll buy you lunch every week.

Your duties will consist of:

  • Giving tours of the space
  • Greeting visitors
  • Answering general phone/e-mail inquiries
  • Onboarding new members
  • Receiving debit payments from customers
  • Collecting the mail/receiving courier packages
  • Helping organize social events for the 90+ businesses in the HiVE
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Making sure the kitchen and common areas are tidy
  • Posting events on our social media channels
  • Booking event rentals

It’s a very easy role and you get the opportunity to meet amazing people every day. We’re looking for a 3 month commitment. You can schedule your shifts when it is convenient to you and use the space for your own projects/studies whenever you’re not working. Every week, we’ll give you a $10 voucher for one of many local amazing eateries.
If you’re interested in this opportunity, contact Aaron Cruikshank at before April 25th. Note: We area a non-profit and this is not a volunteer opportunity – it’s a barter exchange. Your time in exchange for our services and lunch.

Check out HiVE Members

Buzzing with activityIf you haven’t noticed, we recently added a “Members” tab to our website menu. We have over 90 businesses, non-profits and other organizations that work out of the HiVE and we’d love for you to check some of them out. Just click on Members in the menu bar above to see who we work with.

The best part of working at the HiVE is the people you get to meet and potentially do business with. Many of our tenants have done business with one another and there’s a certain trust factor amongst members that makes doing business easier.