HiVE Referral Program

Hey HiVE

We want to introduce something we think is exciting – A member referral program! (an admittedly lame name, but Krystal is the one who comes up with the cute names for stuff, not me….)
Anyway, here are the details – and I think you’ll like them.
For our members who pay the bill:
Bring a new permanent member in before September 30th and get 5% off a month on your individual membership, as long as your referral stays with us, up to a year.
For our members who work for someone, who pays the bill:
Bring a new permanent member in before September 30th, get 5% worth of your individual membership fee in CASH, as long as your referral stays with us, up to a year.
Jazzy no? I do have a couple notes worth of fine print to add.
New permanent members must be paying full rate and must be in good standing to receive commission. Commissions will be paid for up to a year, as long as your referral maintains their permanent desk membership.  Offer good on members starting on or before October 15, 2018. 
If anyone has any questions, please let me know!

The Future of Work

“Jeremy Murphy is an urban planner and sustainability specialist living in Vancouver, BC. As a Director with Sustainability Solutions Group Workers Cooperative, Jeremy has collaborated on dozens of sustainability and climate change projects for communities, universities, organizations and developers. Jeremy is also co-founder and Director of HiVE Vancouver – Vancouver’s innovative coworking space for change makers, hosting small businesses, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs with a focus on encouraging social impact and unlikely collaborations.”