Join our Desk Bee Exchange Program for 2021!

Calling all social-impact loving, collaborative-minded, and organization mavens! Do you have some extra time on your hands? Are you interested in a barter exchange that will give you the opportunity to join Vancouver’s growing social impact community? Then read on!

You: A freelancer, entrepreneur, and/or a creative individual who has some free time on your hands. Maybe you are new to Vancouver, or perhaps you’re a long time resident who’s looking for a change. You’re looking for a workspace and network to connect your work to your values, and support social change organizations in Vancouver.

Us: The HiVE is a co-working community of individuals and organizations within the social entrepreneurship, sustainability, tech, and creative sectors all working to make the world a better place. We utilize the powerful tool of shared-space for coworking, event hosting, programming, and community building and provide access to support services that catalyze social innovation. In 2011, we society opened with 9,000 square feet of coworking, event, and meeting space, and in 2017, we expanded into an additional 3,000 square feet within our building. We are Vancouver’s longest standing coworking space that operates as a nonprofit society. The safety of our community is at the forefront. During COVID, we have these health & safety protocols in place.

If this sounds like a match, then we want YOU for our Desk Bee Exchange Program (DBEP)!

What’s the Desk Bee Exchange Program? A barter opportunity where in exchange for one to two weekly 4.5 hour shift as a community animator and receptionist in our social impact co-working space, we’ll give you a HiVE Unlimited package (24/7 access to the space – worth $369/month).

Your duties will consist of:

  • Greeting visitors
  • Answering general phone/e-mail inquiries
  • Welcoming new members
  • Reminding members and visitors about COVID health & safety policies
  • Giving tours of the space
  • Educating visitors and new members about the HiVE’s vision and values
  • Receiving debit and credit card payments from customers
  • Collecting the mail/receiving courier packages
  • Helping organize social events for the 90+ businesses in the HiVE
  • Taking out the garbage (no task too small!)
  • Making sure the kitchen and common areas are tidy
  • Booking meeting rooms for non-members
  • Other HiVE projects as they come up!

We’re currently looking for people who are available for Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons, though we are open to other availabilities as well. Desk Bees are asked to make a 3.5 month commitment from Jan 15th to Apr 31st for the 2020 DBEP Winter/Spring Cohort.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please fill out this application form, we will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis until the positions are filled.

The HiVE Vancouver is a non-profit society, and this is not a volunteer opportunity – it’s a barter exchange where you give your time in exchange for our services.

One of the best coworking spaces in Vancouver

We’re glad to be featured in this recent list by TravelMag of the top 10 coworking spaces in Vancouver, Canada: [2020.11.18]

Community Update: How businesses at the HiVE are adapting

We recently saw a great post by the Georgia Straight that we thought would be great to emulate for our current members.

Without further ado…

Aptitude Digital

What you offer: Custom Websites Hosting, and Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising)

What you’re doing differently: Aptitude Digital continues to operate under our standard business hours. Fortunately, our team had the option to work remotely before the pandemic even started. Now all our staff work from home. What has shifted, however, is our focus. Many businesses are struggling to navigate the treacherous waters of marketing. As such, our team now offers impact assessments as a solution to help companies make better-informed decisions. We are also shifting away from providing broad services like SEO and instead offering the individual components such services as solutions. Examples of SEO broken down include a technical audit & repair, guest posting by the post, and on-page optimization by the page. This change gives companies much more control over how they spend their new marketing budget.

Contact Details:, 778-805-1619

Boscoriva Consulting

What you offer: Full-length and mini-business plan writing experts for compliance/growth/funding;

  • Strategy
  • Financial projections
  • Grant packaging support
  • Legally compliant document writing/finance reports
  • Strategic partnership and grant opportunity analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Innovation and price strategy

What you’re doing differently: We provide key contacts and partners from our contacts within funding/lawyers etc. and act as partners to help you grow. We work with all industries and familiar with SME’s at all stages of the life cycle, and specialize in tech and media.

Contact Details: / 604 394 2076

ConnectSeven Group

What you offer: Sustainable event management and community development/tourism consulting

What you’re doing differently: We have changed to virtual event components, and are now developing plans for smaller gatherings that meet social distancing and safer standards for when restrictions are loosened.

Contact Details:

DAI Global LLC and Zero LLC

What you offer: Global Health, Health Finance

What you’re doing differently: Implementing innovative health projects in developing economies to drive toward universal health coverage and better health outcomes. Harnessing the power of private investment and blended finance to achieve sustainable development goals.

Contact Details:

EcoAnalytics Market Research

What you offer: Market research on environmental issues

What you’re doing differently: EcoAnalytics is a cooperative venture led by a coalition of influential environmental non-profits. When COVID hit, we were about to launch a new wave of research, delving deeper into the language Canadians use when talking about the gap between their pro-environmental values and behaviours. We have changed our minds and now plan to conduct two smaller waves of focus group research, spring and fall, looking at how to speak to key segments of Canadian society about the climate emergency in the wake of a global health emergency.

Contact Details:

GD Commerce

What you offer: Support for business owners: Shopify web development & online marketing (Facebook & Google Ads, social media management, blog content, newsletters and automation flows).

What you’re doing differently (if anything): Creating content for folks looking to DIY their website and online marketing. We created a Social Media Training so people can leverage their audience and convert followers to clients. We also are offering website and marketing audits so that folks can get the information they need to execute these strategies on their own.

Contact Details:, 778-668-9361

Impact Engineering

What we offer: We design high-performance solutions that reduce costs, improve comfort and decarbonize building operations. Our primary services are energy studies and buildings engineering.

What we’re doing differently: By uniting energy study and engineering we’re able to assist our clients throughout the project life cycle from identification of energy saving opportunities through to design and implementation.

Contact details: Ben Mills / / 778-233-7978


What you offer: Strategy, Policy and Impact Analysis for the Global Creative, Cultural, Digital and Communications Industries

What you’re doing differently: In response to COVID-19 and to ensure we do our part to help flatten the curve, Nordicity has closed its four offices and is working remotely. However, thanks to the commitment and creativity of our team, we continue to deliver on our mandates. Of course, this includes a pivot towards responding to short- and long-term impacts of the pandemic, and supporting the efforts of our clients to document and assess these impacts at both organizational and industry levels. Requests come from industry associations, government agencies, and private, non-profit, and public institutions which deliver services across our core sectors. Within the arts and cultural sector, for example, we’re encouraging leaders to recognize the demonstrable value of the arts during these times, as well as their integral role in COVID-19 relief strategies. Additionally, we’re developing macro-economic thought leadership on the potential catalytic role of industries such as film and TV for economic recovery.

Many of our assignments involve consultation through facilitated sessions, town hall meetings, interviews, and online surveys. In replacing in-person communications, Nordicity has been leveraging its expertise in online collaboration tools that maintain project momentum, community engagement, and promote collective planning and idea seeding. We are also exploring means of partnering with the sectors we serve in building and/or contributing to online platforms to share data, insights, and approaches to identifying short- and long-term actions to mitigate COVID-19-related damage and to accelerate recovery. Although we don’t know how long the current situation will last, our focus remains firmly on supporting our people, our clients and the world around us in weathering this storm.

Contact Details:, 778-322-0724

OPEN Technologies

What you offer: We create data tools to help city-shapers make pro-climate decisions with confidence

What you’re doing differently: Much of our team already worked remotely for part of the week, so switching to being fully remote was less challenging for us than for other folks. We´re grateful that as a software company, we can easily adapt in these circumstances. We have found that it is important to maintain touchpoints over video chat and to invest in building collegiality through shared learning. We are also leaning on existing team practices, such as providing a short written check-in on Slack at the start of every morning.

Contact Details:, and follow us on Twitter: @opengb


What you offer: PeaceGeeks is a nonprofit organization that builds digital tools to empower communities in the pursuit of peace. We are based in Vancouver and have a project office in Jordan. In Spring 2019, we launched Arrival Advisor: a free mobile app that helps newcomers to British Columbia access relevant information and services to plan their settlement journey. In Jordan, our local team in Amman runs Meshkat Community, amplifying voices for social inclusion through digital art.

What you’re doing differently: PeaceGeeks are updating Arrival Advisor with a link to information around Coronavirus, so that this is easily accessible for newcomers using the app. We’re also currently reviewing other ways that we can use our expertise to support during this time.

Contact Details:

Peach Interior Design

What you offer: for over a decade, Peach Interior Design has been offering full-scope residential interior design and home renovation services in Vancouver Downtown, Yaletown, West End, Coal Harbour, and West Vancouver.

What you’re doing differently: we provide the crew of tradespeople and contractors. We have a network of building material and high-end furniture suppliers.

Contact Details:

Recollective Consulting Inc

What you offer: Green Building Consulting

What you’re doing differently: Our team is working from home. Recollective’s investment over the years to put our systems online and accommodate remote working has enabled our team to continue to provide our clients with the professional services and exceptional experience that they expect from us.

Contact Details:

Business Name: rmd Studio Inc.

What we offer: we build complete software applications for scientific, healthcare, and industry sectors.

What we do differently: we are specialized in those areas due to their need for improved security, privacy, and compliance.

Contact details:

Business Name: Supivaa Advisory Group(new site coming soon)

What you offer: Rooted in women’s inclusiveness and gender-lens perspectives, Supivaa is a boutique consultancy advisory firm with a network of global experts and consultants offering business development services, supporting entrepreneurs and business leaders through their key stages of development. We also work with impact investors and funders (VCs, institutional investors, foundations, funds, DFIs, government-entities, family offices, and HNWI) by supporting the development, management and deployment of initiatives under their impact and ESG funding aims and objectives.

What you’re doing differently: Women’s inclusiveness, gender equality and emerging markets is interwoven in our DNA. Supivaa is a play on words. “Support” + “Vivre” (to live) thus “supporting life” in Franglais (French/English) – which are the two languages of Canada and the majority of African countries. It dawned on us… Supivaa = “Supporting the Divas!”. The extra “a” stands for “All-over” the world. Thus Supivaa was born. A Canadian-based firm, our global network spans from Vancouver to Toronto, Washington DC, London, Paris, Colombo, Dubai, Nairobi, Lagos and Johannesburg.

Contact Details:,


What you offer: SupportingLines offers a data-driven approach to cultivate a high-performance culture at your organization. Our services include a range of assessments for leaders and organizations that can be used in concert with the solutions we offer in our High-Performance Framework™ and Leadership Development Program.

What you’re doing differently: Our mission is to help leaders and teams perform so that people have a better human experience at work. Unlike most organizations, which focus on employee engagement to increase performance, we cultivate high-performance to drive employee engagement and psychological safety. Our High-Performance Index™, Framework, and Leadership Development Program are scalable, and can be used by individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

Contact Details:, Jeff’s LinkedIn, SupportingLines LinkedIn

Uniti Business Funding

What you offer: Business financing, working capital, Accounts Receivable Financing, Purchase Order Financing, Go-Public

What you’re doing differently: Offering businesses free consultations on how to source financing through our network of the big five banks and over 30 private lending firms.

Contact Details:

Waterbear Cloud

What you offer: We’re your Cloud IT partners. We provide rapid migrations into the AWS Cloud, and manage your infrastructure so you can get back to growing your business, all at a disruptive price point.

What you’re doing differently: We harness the power of our tool Paco(Prescribed Automation for Cloud Orchestration) to save 90% of the time and cost of provisioning and managing secure, reliable and flexible cloud infrastructure.

Contact Details: 604-719-8927 Adam O’Neill on the HiVE Slack

As you can see, a long list and a huge breadth of skillsets under one roof but that’s what keeps things interesting here at the HiVE!