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The Future of Work

“Jeremy Murphy is an urban planner and sustainability specialist living in Vancouver, BC. As a Director with Sustainability Solutions Group Workers Cooperative, Jeremy has collaborated on dozens of sustainability and climate change projects for communities, universities, organizations and developers. Jeremy is also co-founder and Director of HiVE Vancouver – Vancouver’s innovative coworking space for change […]

Coffee Morning at the HiVE

“That’s the thing I like the most,” added curly-haired Jeremy Murphy, co-founder of the HiVE, who appeared from the woozy S-shaped ramp that connects the work space and main desk/kitchen areas.   https://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/thescene/one-coffee-morning-hive  

Green Building Brain

The HiVE is a 9,000-square-foot collaborative coworking and event space focusing on sustainability and creativity, located in Vancouver’s historic Gastown area. The space occupies the 2nd floor of two interconnected heritage buildings and was retrofitted to provide a comfortable and healthy open-concept work environment featuring brick walls, high ceilings and large windows. http://greenbuildingbrain.org/buildings/the_hive

Coworking: Without community it’s just working

“In a panel of coworking space operators, Melissa Hope from HiVE Vancouver spoke about the specialization of shared workspaces. She gave examples of workplaces focused on architecture or female-focused. While trying to cater to everyone is never a good business plan, the diversity of options means there is something for everyone.” Coworking: Without community it’s […]

CoWorking BC Society

“What is the future of coworking? I think that as more people realize that coworking is an option that will boost their productivity and decrease their isolation, there will be more spaces opening and we will all get to specialize more, focusing on serving our exact communities.” CoWorking BC Society

HiVE: Amplifying the social impact movement in Vancouver

“We met with Melissa Hope, the director of operations at HiVE, a non-profit co-working and event space in Gastown, Vancouver. HiVE is a co-working space, focused on social impact. Can you explain to us what you do exactly? Our purpose is to support and amplify the social impact sector in Vancouver by providing a shared […]

Canadian Tech Opens Its Doors

“Since then, many members of the Canadian startup community have stepped up to help in other ways. CEOs like Helpful.com’s Dan Debow and Slack’s Stewart Butterfield have committed to matching donations to the ACLU, a non-profit fighting against the executive order. And now, several incubators and startup community members are opening up their doors to […]