Meet our new General Manager: Kurtis Stewart

The HiVE is thrilled to introduce its new General Manager, Kurtis Stewart, to the community! Well, okay, that’s only half true. While Kurtis is stepping into this new role, he’s actually been contributing his talents to the HiVE for quite some time.

Kurtis Stewart - HiVE General Manager

Want to get introduced to Kurtis, and know what he said to our burning questions? Read on…

1. How would you introduce yourself in one sentence?

I’m a tall, systematic, loud guy.

2. How long have you been a member at the HiVE and why did you decide to join this coworking space?

I’ve been involved with the HiVE for the last couple of years, initially as Camptech’s City Manager and then as a “barter bee” for sitting on the Space Committee and being the work party handyman.

While I didn’t really join, so much as got hired by a company that had a membership, I stayed on as a HiVE volunteer because of question #4 below.

3. Tell us a bit about the work you’ve been doing? what do you enjoy about it?

I’m an insatiable fixer. First, I helped people with their image problems through photography but that quickly expanded into teaching, project management, websites, videos, and copywriting. I love that with each project I take on I need to learn something new.

4. What made you want to take on the role of General Manager at the HiVE?

Of all the coworking spaces, the HiVE feels the most like home to me. The General Manager role provides me the opportunity to use all the skills I’ve accumulated over the years in one job (customer service, project management, facility bookings, copywriting, creative direction and more!).

5. What are your goals for The HiVE as the new General Manager?

I want the HiVE to get a bigger piece of the Vancouver coworking pie. We’re the longest-standing coworking space and we have all the ingredients we need to flourish.

6. Now Winter is coming… How will you be spending your free time for the rest of the summer?

With the last few weeks of August I’ll be going on a camping trip, photographing a wedding in Rossland, and finally, some teaching prep for my fall photography classes.

Curious to learn more about Kurtis? Hop on over to his website and socials to connect!:



LinkedIn: Kurtis Stewart