Happy Birthday To Us!

By Maya Goodwill

Director of Social Impact

When we opened our doors in May 2011, some were unsure if the HiVE would be able to find long-term sustainability while achieving our mission. Sure, there were risks in being the first-mover in Vancouver in coworking and our innovative social impact hub model, but they were underestimating how powerful a community of change-makers can be.

From the numerous community lead discussions and design jams that took our concept for a social impact hub from idea to reality, to the literal sweat, tears and blood that our original founders and members shed in getting the space ready for opening, our story has always been a collective one lead by the very community we aim support.

We’re proud to say that over the past five years we’ve been following our wild dreams and have supported thousands of change-makers through our shared-space model, while playing a key role in building the foundation for a thriving social innovation ecosystem in Vancouver.

I hope you’ll join us on May 27 to celebrate what we’ve created, together.

Here’s to the next five years!